Sharing Solutions

Sometimes you need answers.  This is where to find them.  If you don't find what you need, contact us.  We'll get your answers and add them here for future reference.

Little really changes about business except for the tools you use.  Most of your business concerns have been answered thousands of times in the past. We will accumulate those time tested solutions here as a resource for your business growth.


Competition is fierce.  Making a place for yourself in today's marketplace is vital.  But the options to do so is faster, cheaper and better than ever before.  Go here to learn some of the best ways to increase your business.


Technicians are becoming a scarce resource in our industry. This is a source of ideas on how to hire, train, motivate and satisfy them so they will stay with you.


We offer a variety of paints separated into what is called qualities.  Some are very different.  Some differences are subtle.  Here is where you can find solutions for the paint you need and how to properly apply each one.


You can choose from a broad selection of paint related materials at our store. We want to provide you with products that fit your skills and abilities, and we have the knowledge to point you to those products.

The variety of tools available today is staggering.  We can't stock them, the tool trucks can't stock them, even the big box stores can't give you the selection your deserve.  Here we keep descriptions of tools that have found a niche in our industry.


Technology is driving the complexity of our world at the fastest pace ever.  The right equipment is vital to repairing and restoring this equipment.  This is the place to learn what you need.


Safety Solutions

Few things can ruin a business person's day like a state or federal safety inspection.  Here we have added information and forms to help you pass those inspections.

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