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Transport/Fleet Paint

This is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  Long haulers can go thru all four seasons in a day.  Service trucks may be up to their axles in the elements, but they've got to go.  And the trailers they pull can be for anything from a load of solo cups to a D12 dozer.

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Oil field coatings

Where is your equipment used?  What environmental, chemical and/or physical challenges will it be subjected to?  What kind of performance characteristics do you require?  What kind of production demands must you meet? The answers to these questions are vital to know in selecting the right paint for your specific needs.

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We supplied paint for hundreds of tons of equipment going to fight over 600 burning oil wells in Kuwait.

motorcycle paint

We all acquire things in life that make us happy.  You want them to look good, or even stand out.  Choosing the paint to fit your toys can be the difference between being happy or wishing for something better. Let us help you choose the right options that will make you happy.

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Antique Sewing Machine

We often have people come to us with some unique needs.  Sometimes, we direct them to another place with better options.  Most times we can supply them with great products that fit their needs perfectly, like the man and wife who restore antique sewing machines, or the carnival company that takes their carnival rides all over the central United States.

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