Rough Service

The environment is rough.

The equipment is tough.

These coatings can handle it.

Touch-up in the field with

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  • Tractors

  • Balers

  • Implements

  • Fencing

  • Shelters

We Recommend

PPG's Commercial Performance Coatings Line is an excellent paint for painting all forms of agricultural equipment and structures. 

ALK200 is a hi-gloss, long-lasting product that fulfills most needs. 

AUE300 is a true hi-solids polyurethane single stage that us equal to some powder coats in durability and retains a hi-gloss for many,many years.

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Oil & Gas

We Recommend

  • Exploration

  • Production

  • Gathering

  • Delivery

Coatings for the oilfield face challenges from every climate and chemical.  We need to learn your specific challenges to recommend the best solution.

Our CPC line of products has performed well in most of these environments.

Our Amercoat line is for the very harsh conditions.

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Utility Services

We Recommend

  • Water

  • Sewer

  • Natural Gas

  • Telephone

  • Waste

Most utility equipment must withstand  years of direct exposure to the sun and the elements. 

We recommend ALK200 for equipment that sets off the ground.

We recommend Amercoat for equipment setting on the ground.

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  • Plastics

  • Fiberglass

  • Fabricator

  • Machinery

  • Equipment

We Recommend

Manufacturing covers a broad range of needs and expectations.  We need to learn your specific goals before recommending the best solution.  You may need any one of our broad selection of products.  Call us and we'll be happy to help.

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  • OSHA Colors

  • Lane Marking

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Anti-Slip

Maintenance is a necessary evil.  It's necessary for uninterrupted production, but it takes away production time to perform.  Let us insure you are using the products that maximize production and minimize downtime.

We Recommend

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