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Shawnee Paint is a family owned company located in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  It began as Shawnee Motor Supply in 1913, with the goal of selling parts, tools and equipment to repair steam engine tractors.  Henry Ford began a new process of building cars that same year, using standardized parts and an assembly line process.  His process kicked of an entire industry for supplying parts to repair these cars, and we were one of the first suppliers to engage that trend.

In the 1930’s, the automotive industry began offering customers a choice of colors for their cars.  Some mechanics began to specialize in collision repair and refinishing. In 1939, we made a deal with Dupont to sell their colors to our customer base of mechanics across Oklahoma.  Our early recognition of that trend made us one of the leading suppliers of automotive and industrial coatings in our state.  In 1996, we changed our name to better reflect our purpose in the business world.

Shawnee Paint now recognizes the growing trend of internet sales for automotive tools and equipment, but understand the hesitation people have with buying from sites that cannot provide the service and support that professionals and semi-pros require.  We are happy to again be a trend-setter by offering you brand name tools, at affordable prices, backed by the high-level of support and service you can only get from a local supplier.


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